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The parakeet (aka budgie or budgerigar) is the small member of the parrot family from Australia and its color in nature is green. This small chirpy and cheeky little grass parakeet is now firmly established as one of the world's most popular pets.
The reasons for this popularity are not difficult to understand. No other bird is available in such range of colors. This fact alone accounts for the thousands of enthusiasts who devote their energies to both improving and adding the possible color permutations that can be had.

Parakeet/Budgies come in two sizes: English budgies (10 inches long) and American budgies (7 inches long). English ones are bigger, more majestic and less active, they are more like show birds. But most budgie owners have American ones (most known as parakeets). They are active, curious birds who can make as great pets as any other small animals. And because they’re not too loud, you can even keep them if you live in an apartment.
Parakeets are extremely hardy birds, playful and affectionate, will win your heart in no time!

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