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Meet Lizzy! Her full name is Elizabeth, my mommy named her after Queen Elizabeth II, but we call her Lizzy for short. Lizzy is my friend, 'cause mommy says we are too young to be dating, but one day she's gonna be my wife!!
She was born on July, and came to my home on August, mommy took a long trip to Lizzy's breeder's home and she came back with Lizzy.
At the beginning I wasn't very happy when she followed me around, because I wanted to be on my own, wherever I went she followed me like a puppy, and sometimes I didn't thinks it was very fun. But now I love her a lot, we are best friends!! I like to kiss her and clean her face, and I like when she cleans my face back, mommy says it's very cute when we do that.
Lizzy's personality is very different than mine, I'm very calm, and clean, but Lizzy is the opposite! She want to play with everything and she's very messy. Mommy says she is always getting into trouble!
Here are some Lizzy's favorite thing:

Millet Spray
Rice Crispies
Sing on mommy's ear really loud
Sing sing and sing
Bite on everything
Clean me all over
Clean herself
Clean mommy
Stand on mommy's sholder or finger

Play with Maggie (the cocker spaniel)
Walk around the living room

Here's a picture of Lizzy's Family
Her bird mom is not the top left, bird dad is on the top right, and the other two are her siblings!

Below is a picture of Lizzy and I.

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